Most new ventures are the product of the combined efforts of more than one individuals. The founders, consultants or employees who are instrumental in the inception of the new company can also cause its failure. The failure can happen in the case where the roles and responsibilities of all parties have not been delineated clearly.

We assist Startups and S.M.Es with formal agreements and legal documentation for their relevant commercial transactions which clarify the roles of each party along with their obligation towards such transactions which are rightly framed at the beginning of any engagement or transactions across various sectors.


We assist startups and S.M.Es with commercial Agreements spanning from;

Founders/Shareholders Agreement        

Non-Disclosure Agreement
Employment Agreement
Consultancy Agreement
Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP)
Property Purchase Agreement
Service Level Agreement
Data Protection Policy
Investment Agreements
Financing Arrangement & Agreement
Partnership Agreement
Master Service Agreement. e.t.c.